A tool for tracking funds you're owed

A while ago some friends and I split a co-located server. Each of us pays a quarter of the fees, and each of us gets a quarter of the memory and disk allocated to a virtual machine. All nice and happy - except someone has to pay the monthly fee, and that someone ended up being me.

I needed a way to email reminders to several people once a month. I also needed to include an outstanding balance, rather than a static "Hey give me $15" email - one person prefers to pay several months in advance, and the other still works in my office and occaisionally lets me mooch lunch money (for which it's easiest to just pay him back by deducting from next month's payment). I need all this in a little tool I can invoke from cron(8), since I really don't want to set up a large database-backed invoicing system for three people. An evening or two later, and I wrote uome.

uome is small. It's written in python, so if you want to use it I hope you have that installed. It's also pretty simple - uome --help lists off all the options, and the man page is short. But it meets my needs, and if you've been looking for something like this feel free to download it.

All code is copyright Mike Shuey, and licensed under GPL version 2.

Random bits of code

Debian packages uome_1.1.1-1_all.deb
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